Charlotte Gale Pattern + Print – Charlotte has set up an Instagram challenge, #300motifsinamonth, to focus on designing 10 motifs a day (inspired by a daily prompt from Charlotte), so at the end of the month you have built up a library of 300 motifs! Your motifs don’t have to be super-complicated or intricate, as Charlotte points out on her blog, a single star, a flower head or even just a brush stroke all count as one motif.  The prompts include all sorts of ideas from florals to crystals to zodiac symbols.  The challenge started at the beginning of April, but you can start any month you wish.  Charlotte shares a prompt daily, along with some image inspiration and her own wonderful motifs on the prompt of the day.  For anybody (like me!) who might struggle to come up with motif ideas, this is a great way to build up a motif library, connect with other designers on social media and have a little drawing fun in the process.  Check out Charlotte’s blog, http://www.chargale.com/300motifsinamonth for all the details, or see Charlotte’s Instagram, @chargalestudio and @300motifsinamonth, or click on the #300motifsinamonth hashtag to follow along.

Many thanks to Charlotte for giving me her permission to feature this on the blog as it is only my second ever post!!


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